One piece of advice for any baby-boomer fighting glaucoma or other eye diseases
Baby-boomer guys: How comfortable are you with your grandkids?

Part two--My kids and grandkids played a vital role in my glaucoma surgery experience


My family minus one.
My youngest grandchild was napping when this was taken.



An important part of my support team as I walk through "The Glaucoma Experience" has been my family including my kids, their spouses and my grandkids.  I'm sharing this for anybody about to go through or who are experiencing a serious ongoing medical challenge.

I knew about my latest eye surgery for a couple of weeks.  In the latest on Monday, the glaucoma surgeon inserted a very small tube in my eye to help drain fluid with the goal of reducing pressure.  Left unattended, I was on a trajectory to lose all the optic nerve in my right eye which means loss of sight.

My family and friends have been tremendous in showing support and by praying for me.  My kids know that I love grandkid pictures, both still and video and I've been getting plenty.  There have been regular calls and texts asking how I was doing.

I know the glaucoma will be with me for the rest of my life.  But, I also know that Matt Redmond had it right when he sang about having 10,000 Reasons to praise the Lord.  I'm working way more than that.  And my family has played a major role in that.