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Have you shopped for a new couch lately?

Would Abraham Lincoln be the people's choice in today's partisan political environment?

Abraham Lincoln
In this office staff picture in Sen. Doug Carl's office, Abe Lincoln dominates.

I worked for the late State Sen. Doug Carl for about three years and during that whole time he had a dominant political hero and role model, Abraham Lincoln.  That's why he had a huge and compelling photo of this iconic president hung in a dominant spot in his State Capitol office.

There was definitely partisan politics when Sen. Carl served in the Michigan Legislature,  both parties had their problems with each other and they weren't always kind when talking about others.

But, in today's political environment where political poison flows easily wherever you go, one has to wonder if Abraham Lincoln ran for president now, could he win?  Was he a name-caller?  Did he lie? Could he get opponents to work with him and each other?

Our country seems too split to come back together.  Do people really want to resolve differences?  

Would you vote for Abraham Lincoln for president?