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Do you start your day with a favorite coffee mug?


What do you think of this coffee mug?
We have bought mugs from this potter in past years.



Since we've been retired, Gladys and I have had a ritual where when we wake up one of us presses the button on the coffeemaker and then picks out the mugs of the day.  We've been collecting coffee mugs for several years, including Starbucks mugs from many of the different places we've been too.

That's what draws us to the East Lansing Art Fair every year.  We went last Saturday with the goal of adding to our collection.


We purchased two mugs.
Gladys got the light blue mug in the basket on the left and I got the brown one in the basket on the right.


It was packed with vendors on the main city streets and on the outside open areas next to the MSU Union.  People seemed to be lined up to buy from many of the vendors.  The whole area was filled with customers and lookers of all ages.  Do you have a favorite mug to drink coffee?


Coffee and the Bible.
For me, coffee and the Bible seem to go together.