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INSTANT POT MEAT LOAF AND VEGGIES: Easy to make and we loved it


One of my favorite meals is meat loaf and boiled vegetables.  Love it.  Just love it.  That's why I was excited when the first meal we made with our Instant Pot was just that.
For Mother's Day, I ordered the Instant Pot from Amazon for $79.  I have fond memories of my mom's old pressure cooker and the meals she made.  I remember the noise when the pressure was released.
How about a 21st century version of an kitchen tool that's been around for a long time?
Our first meal was the meat loaf with small potatoes and carrots.
We went to Pinterest for a recipe.  It is filled with all kinds of food that can be made and tips on how to use it.
Here are some pictures from our first experience.
Instant Pot meat loaf
The final product from our new Instant Pot.
We used high end ground beef for our meat loaf.
We got a little more than a pound of ground beef for our Instant Pot meatloaf.


We mixed this into the ground beef.
Three eggs, dry onion soup, bread crumbs were mixed into the ground beef.


These are the raw veggies to go with the meat loaf.
The veggies were in the bottom of the Instant Pot


The timer on the Instant Pot is easy to use.
We set the timer for 35 minutes.


A really good tasting pressure cooker meatloaf.
Here's the finished meat loaf.


Our Instant Pot veggies after 35 minutes.
"Yummy" doesn't begin to describe the veggies after 35 minutes in the Instant Pot.