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It's Justin and Lauren's sixth anniversary today

Justin and Lauren's wedding.
Justin and Lauren at their wedding celebration in rural Maryland.

I hope our son Justin and our daughter-in-law Lauren know that we will be celebrating their sixth anniversary today.  It's a very special occasion for a couple who have added so much to our lives.

Their wedding was a memory-maker not only for them but for Gladys and I as we look back at that whole weekend.  It was the start of their life adventure together.  They've lived and worked on both coasts, including Las Vegas before settling in St. Louis.  They've lived a whole lot of life together in six years.

New chapter are being written with their two children.  They have been immersed into the real happenings of day-to-day living.

Gladys and I.
My wife and I catch our breath at their wedding reception. It was the last time I wore a neck tie.


I was really surprised and stuck in a little disbelief that my son would want me to be his Best Man.  My experience had been that the groom picked a close buddy.  I was honored and given a memory that will never leave me.  I wrote my best man's toast in short simple sentences so it could be easily tweeted and it was by some of his friends at his party.

Gladys and I are exceedingly proud of him and his wife Lauren.  The two of them add to each other and they both pour themselves into their kids.  It's exciting to watch.

Justin adds new family members.
Here are Justin's mother-in-law and Lauren's grandmother and late grandfather.


My mother and Gladys' parents had to be smiling from heaven when they saw the occasion.  It was a testimony to the reality that God provides.  Every once in a while, I have to be reminded of that.  He's made me part of a family, my own family.  There was once just Gladys and I and now there are 11 of us.

In my wedding toast, I told Justin and Lauren and the other attendees the best advice I've ever gotten was "Remember Who You Are."  On that day, I was reminded in big bold print that we are all children of God, loved by him.