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Marijuana merchants have invaded Michigan's Capital City


Marijuana billboard in Lansing.
Is the new symbol for Lansing, Michigan's State Capitol, a marijuana plant?



Drive around Lansing, Michigan's State Capital City, and you will be greeted by these billboards all over town.  They made a statement about a once proud city ceding its identity as a major role player in the auto industry and state government to a drug that's still outlawed by the federal government and many state governments.  

Marijuana shops dominate the southend of town with some counting as many as 70 to 100.  And it's completely unregulated.  The stores are also located near stores and schools and nobody seems to care.  

If marijuana has so many medicinal qualities, why isn't it sold through a pharmacy?  Are there health downsides to using the drug?  Right now, you have to apply and purchase a card from the state saying that you need the substance for you health.  How long before you can buy "weed" at a gas station?"

Anybody have a problem with any of this?