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Michigan State University dairy scientists might have the answers to our state's crappy roads


In the past few months, I've driven Michigan roads to cross the border into Indiana.  Going through our state's southern border into the Hoosier state, you feel like you've left the badlands of roads and entered paradise.  Go the other way from Indiana into the Great Lakes state and you feel like you are traveling on the roads of Haiti after the earthquake.

What's the answer?  The governor and the Michigan Legislature hasn't found one yet, but the MSU Dairy has made a stab at it.  Am I serious? Partially.  

Last night, my wife and I explored our new neighborhood in Holt, Michigan and found Sweet Sensations, a small family-owned ice cream shop that features the MSU Dairy's ice cream creations.  We both had "Michigan Pot Hole."  It has broken pieces of chocolate, laced with peanut butter and a flavor that would bring a smile to anybody who has traveled over our state's atrocious road system.

Michigan might not be able to get good roads, but we have wonderful ice cream.