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A letter to my son, Justin Thorp, on his 33rd birthday

Justin and me.
My son Justin riding on my shoulders.


At the end of our Face Time conversation this morning, you said, "I have to wipe his butt" pointing to your almost three year old son.  That brought back a whole vault full of memories about your birth and your early childhood and beyond.

I want to go on record as you celebrate your birthday today about how proud I am of you.  It's important for a son to know how his dad feels about him.  I've been there from the beginning when the doctor told me to cut your umbilical cord.  And I'm here now as you teach your son how to wipe his butt.

Just now I went through several hundred pictures on Flickr and Google Photos of things we have done together.  It's an archive of memories of special "father-son" times together.  

As days passed, I became more and more impressed about the man you were becoming and have now become.  You are grounded in values that are firmly set in the love you have received from Jesus.  Fight to keep those.

You are an amazing husband, father and son.  I know that you are passing those same values on to your son and to your daughter.  It's all happening by the grace of God.

I look forward to the days ahead and to our relationship as it continues to redefine itself from the days you rode on my shoulders like the picture above.

I love you.