The sun is shining a little brighter today in St. Louis today because of my three-year-old grandson
I invite you to join me in toasting my 3,000th blog post on Daily Grit

How do you celebrate your 36th anniversary?

Our wedding picture.
We were married on June 20, 1981 in Bay City.

What can we do tomorrow for our 36th anniversary?  We need to get a bottle of Great Lakes Red and maybe go to a special place for lunch.  We could also give ourselves the gift of a couple thousand more steps on our step counters.

We've done a lot of living.  I praise God real loudly for being able to partner up with her in a life that includes raising a couple of kids, staying focused through my job changes and caring for my elderly mother in her last couple years of life.

There was sharing the joy of being there for the birth of our kids and for each part of their development.  

God is great.  All the time.  Our marriage is proof of that.