The Baerveldt drain in my right eye has opened and the pressure went down
Are you watching the Comey testimony live this morning?

How's my eye pressure and vision seven weeks after my Baerveldt drain implant?


Mustard seeds.
I'm praying for a mustard seed sized faith.

 My ability to see is still a question mark seven weeks after surgery where a Baerveldt drain was placed in my right eye.  After having the pressure in that eye creep higher and higher over a period of time with minimal change from eyedrops, I decided to have the surgery.

At my post-op exam by my glaucoma doctor, my right eye pressure was 35.  The week before, it was 11.  The doctor warned me that my pressure could go up and down during this period.  

What about my vision?  For much of the day, my vision is blurry.  To read, I need to carefully adjust my light and the position of what I want to read.  My eyes are super-sensitive to sunlight.  

How do I feel about my visual future?  I feel uncertain.  Maybe even a little scared.  I have real confidence in my glaucoma doctor.  I've come to learn more about the difficult nature of dealing with eye diseases.  I appreciate the depth of her knowledge and with her  surgical skills.

Whatever happens, I am putting the weight of my situation on the "mustard seed" promise in Matthew 17:20.  That verse says that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.

Right now, I have vision, even though it may be challenged.  Over the weekend, I had a great weekend at the beach with my family, all of them.  I thank God that I could see my wife, kids and grandkids.

My eye journey continues.


My family.
I've memorized this family picture from the weekend.