How do you celebrate your 36th anniversary?
My life's purpose as a senior citizen came to me on the ride home from the grocery store

I invite you to join me in toasting my 3,000th blog post on Daily Grit

My first blog post on Daily Grit.
This is my first post on my personal blog Daily Grit.

This is my 3,000th post on this blog--Daily Grit--which I started in the fall of 2004 on a whim.  It developed into a personal blog where I write about family, my wife, kids, grandkids; our travels; my reading and about some of my personal history.

When I started this very few people were familiar with the term blog.  Neighbors, friends and family would patiently listen and then give me the look that said, give him time and he'll get over this.  

Started blogging early.  I wasn't part of the very first group of bloggers, but I was close, give or take a couple of hundred thousand.  When I saw the trial offer from the company--Typepad--that hosts this blog, I jumped on it.  I really liked the idea of writing snippets about my life.  At that time there were few examples to follow.

I invite you to check out my posts.  The posts about my father--Claude H. Thorp--got indexed on Google and other search engines and served as the vehicle for finding blood relatives that I never knew existed.  It became a story worth of a television drama.

What's next?  I'm a member of the first class of baby-boomers which means that I'm going on 71 this year.  I'm looking over my shoulder at my life and what might be valuable to my grandkids.  What'd I learn?

Tonight, my wife and I are going to a community concert where I might just have a diet Pepsi to salute blogging and what it has meant to me.

Daily Grit named one of the best in 2006.
This is a picture of a book that named Daily Grit in 2006 as one of the best on the web.