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How's my eye pressure and vision seven weeks after my Baerveldt drain implant?

The Baerveldt drain in my right eye has opened and the pressure went down

These are the eyedrops I'm taking post surgery.

Because the pressure in my right eye had been increasing, my glaucoma surgeon implanted a drain to reduce the fluid.  After more than a month after the surgery the Baerveldt drain finally opened and the pressure is about half of what it had been.  That eye is still being watched closely to avoid complications and to be able to react quickly if it changes.

What have I noticed since the surgery?

Right now, the vision in that eye is very blurry, but with both eyes it's manageable.  Walking in a crowd, it would be impossible for me to recognize a person unless that were right in front of me.  Reading is more tricky.  It's all a function of the size of the type, the light where I'm reading and the device I am using.  

I'm taking a small assortment of eyedrops, including a steroid and one called Atropene.  The hope is that better sight will return and that what wasn't restored will be correctable with new glasses.

I know this is going to be a journey.  I am so thankful that I have an ophthalmology practice with a crew of specialists.