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The sun is shining a little brighter today in St. Louis today because of my three-year-old grandson


We did it when we got the call from our son Justin who said his wife Lauren had just gone into the hospital to have their first child.  He said "grab mom" and a suitcase and share the joyous moment when their son Miles would be born.  We knew he was coming, but the call came a couple of weeks before his anticipated arrival.

Within a half hour we were on the road to St. Louis with the suitcase in the trunk.  We got there in plenty of time to share the excitement from a next door waiting room for grandparents and we saw our new grandson within a short time from his birth.

That was three years ago today.  It's his birthday.  Being part of his life for the past three years makes me bloat with pride.  He's a spitting image of his dad and has his dad's temperament and gusto for life that he had at that age.

Watching Miles grow and being able to see that I'm a patriarch of a growing and thriving family had made me even more sensitive to the need for me to recognize and thank God for all the blessings he has given me.

Happy Birthday Miles.  I am proud of you.

We are all Thorp without an "e."