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A letter to my son, Justin Thorp, on his 33rd birthday

What about paying a toll to cross the Saginaw River in Bay City?

The Saginaw River cuts through the middle of Bay City, Michigan which has multiple bridges for people to go from the east to west sides.  I grew up there and when I learned how to drive I learned on the Belinda Bridge which was old, rickety and extremely narrow.  Somedays, I'd cross multiple times.  When I was in grade school, I lived on the west side and my school was on the east side of town.

All of the city's multiple bridges are in need of expensive repairs.  The mayor is proposing that a private company be allowed to build a new bridge where a toll would be charged for each time you crossed.  One dollar for city residents and two for those who live elsewhere.


Bay City's Belinda Bridge
I grew up just down the street from this bridge.


 This discussion in northern Michigan is just a small part of the need for infrastructure repairs in this state and country.  The challenge is paying for them.  

Is privatization the answer to making this happen?

What about Bay City?  Are they on to a solution?