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Are idols more than the golden calf found by Moses at the bottom of Mount Sinai?

Remember the golden calf that Moses found when he came down from the top of the mountain?  Children of Israel thought they'd make themselves a god while their leader was on top of the mountain.

I've often thought that I was good on not doing that.  You'd never catch me worshipping a gold statute or any other kind of false god.

I recently found this quote from author Tim Keller defining an idol.  Do I still think I'm immune from the temptation to worship something that's not the real God?  

Drive me by an Apple store and my head turns and I think about all the new stuff that I could use.  How about my family?  Have I ever made them into an idol?  How about this country?  Is it possible to make it into an idol.

Read Keller's definition and then ask yourself if you might fall prey to an idol.