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A reminder as conversations about politics gets even more nasty

Be strong- not rude

I used to enjoy talking politics with friends and relatives and just about anybody else.  I viewed the governmental process as something imperfect, but workable in the effort to govern a group of diverse people.  Not anymore.  How about you?

These days, it doesn't take long for a conversation about politics to deteriorate into a very heated session of name-calling and acrimony.  Some Christians are heard telling another believer in Jesus that they are not really saved if you don't support Trump.  

And when many of them hear that I'm a former newspaper reporter and that I ended my career by working in politics, they start belittling me and the various jobs I held.

It's hard to resist the temptation to  verbally fireback at people I've gone to church with or whom I am related to or grew up with.

That's why I saved this quote from Zig Ziglar as published on FaceBook.  For me personally, it's a reminder.  Political discourse won't get any easier.  It seems like it will only get meaner and nastier.  How do we reduce the level of heat?