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Beautiful jewelry coming from the shards of glass and pottery leftover from the 2011 Japanese tsunami


Necklace from tsunami wreckage
This beautiful necklace was made from a shard of glass or pottery leftover from the Japanese tsunami in 2011



I was reading today's devotion from Our Daily Bread which was introduced by a story about Japanese women affected by the 2011 tsunami who lost family, friends and homes.  I was caught by what they were doing and how they were turning a dramatic disaster into hope.  I googled it and learned more about the beauty coming out of this tragic loss.

These women combed through the wreckage looking for pieces of glass from pottery like platters, coffee cups and stuff like that.  They took the pieces, ground and cut them and then fashioned them into beautiful jewelry pieces.  The effort is called the Nozomi Project.  This link tells about the effort and shows the results of their effort.  This YouTube video tells more.