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Will Founders brewery in Grand Rapids have blueberry beer again this Thanksgiving?

Fifties "Rock and Roll" comes to Holt, Michigan outdoor concert-do you know his name?

This outdoor concert in our new town-Holt, Michigan-was fun, free and close.  Parking was easy and free too.  So we went to Veteran's Memorial bandshell in this small enclave just south of Lansing.  

Here's the rub:  I don't remember the name of the group or this lead singer.  The concert was fun and it was loud and was attended by lots and lots of baby-boomers.  The lead singer was incredibly energetic with a voice to match.  However, I didn't catch the name of the group or the singer.  Anybody know what it is?

Their performance was the last for the summer.  There's still Friday night outdoor movies.  We might try one.