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I can barely understand what my wife is saying on the other end of the couch


The couch in our living room isn't really that big, but when I'm sitting on one end and my wife on the other I have trouble understanding what she's saying.  It's been that way for awhile.  I experience the same thing with my grandkids.  

I was getting tired of saying "what was that?"  And they get frustrated in having to repeat themselves.  That's why I went to America's store--Amazon-- for a possible solution.

If sound amplifiers  are hearing aids, they have plenty.  The challenge is reading through all the information and familiarizing myself with the issues.  

Using the bonus from my Discover card, I paid for most of a teeny amplifier.  It came today.  It's in my right ear. So far, it seems to be working.

The test will be in the days ahead with everyday living, including some couch conversations and some television shows.

I will report back in the days ahead.