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In East Lansing, we got a taste of Amazon's new prices as new owner of Whole Foods


Whole Foods bananas.
Check prices on these Whole Food bananas on the day after Amazon assumed ownership of the grocery chain.



We've been to Whole Foods in East Lansing a couple of times, but would not fit the profile of a typical buyer at the food chain that's known for its heavy-duty prices and organic and non-GMO merchandise.   

We went today right after lunch to check the effect of its new owners-Amazon-on prices and food stuffs.  There's been plenty of media hoopla about special deals for Amazon Prime members and other evidence of the new owner getting ready to make its mark at Whole Food.  These iPhone pictures give a sample of what we found.


Whole Food corn on the cob.
Eighty cents a cob for Whole Food corn. How does that compare to stores in your area?




Whole Food cucumbers.
Check the new price on Whole Food cucumbers.



Dragon's Milk craft beer.
Eight bucks for a bottle of Dragon's Milk, a Michigan craft beer.