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Is sin the cause of all our problems in this country and around the world?


How will our country and the rest of the world solve all the bad stuff that's happening these days?

The list of bad stuff happening right around us is long.  Perhaps, it's a daughter bludgeoned to death by a boyfriend.  What about an old man stomped to death during a road rage incident?  There's shooting in our streets.  There are politicians who can't see beyond their own nose.  Think about all the stuff that makes you want to reach for a drink from the bottle of Fireball whiskey in your liquor cabinet.

Look at Washington D.C. and all the people who love President Trump and those who hate him.  Think about all the angry name-calling over political issues that has divided families and friends.  Then there's Russia and North Korea and a long list of other countries pointing their index finger at us.

What's the explanation and what's the answer for all this?

Christians say it's "sin."  Well, how do you get rid of it.  Is it just a matter of obeying God's commandments?  Are we capable of doing that?

Check the above definition of sin from the Book of Concord, a collection of documents drafted during the Protestant Reformation.  The religious establishment wanted to know the principles of the reformers and this is what they came up with.

Sin is a disease and it can be terminal.  How do you get rid of it?