Going through my sermon notes about "Choosing Joy--Under Pressure"
Has President Trump "taken a knee" to Jesus Christ?

A weekend taking care of three of our grandkids in Dearborn


My youngest grandson got up early enough this morning to be part of the action in the kitchen where Tony Tiger was napping on the floor.  While their parents are out of town at a conference, my wife and I are babysitting Jacob along with his brother and sister.

That means pure grandparent joy.  We picked up our oldest grandson from second grade and our oldest granddaughter from pre-school.  

It's kind of like rewinding the clock when our kids were that age where you get the full assortment of parental duties that comes with young children.

I thank God for my iPhone with its great camera.  There's no more dropping of film and picking up prints.  Now it's instantaneous.

Unloading the dishwasher together.
Our toddler grandson helps grandma unload with dishwasher.



Bed time prayers.
Saying night time prayers together.