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Going through my sermon notes about "Choosing Joy--Under Pressure"

Pastor Jeff Manion
Pastor Jeff Manion during last night"s sermon on Choosing Joy

I know that I need to burn the message of Philippians from the Bible firmly into my heart.  As I get older, I know the life challenges will increase.  They seem to be bombarding us from all directions, the world around us and personally from the challenges of aging.

That's why my wife Gladys and I decided to check in at Ada Bible Church last night for the beginning of a new sermon series--"Choosing Joy Under Pressure."  Pastor Jeff Manion presented part one.  He laid the groundwork from Acts 16: 13-25.

I took notes and I'm transcribing them with the goal of reviewing them and this text during coming week.

The sermon video will be online in the next day or two and I hope to watch again.  

Here's my rough notes.  I hope to refine them as we get into the week.

  1. Joy under pressure-how do you pull it off?
  2. Why would you want to?
  3. Examples of where needed: Ninth grade student nervous about high school has two girlfriends who unfriend her on Facebook.  Others.
  4. How do you choose joy?
  5. Don’t underestimate the challenge of choosing joy.
  6. Have I ever experienced a closed door?
  7. Acts 16:7—it’s about slammed door and then it opens.
  8. Acts 16: 13-25:  This text has three encounters.
  9. One encounter is with a businesswoman; the Lord opened her heart.
  10. Prayer for myself and others should be “God open my heart.”
  11. What if I can be relieved of the threat of perfection?
  12. Encounter #2 is with a slave girl.  Verses 16 a - 17.
  13. This all demonstrates that you don’t need to become nasty when something nasty happens to you.
  14. Does Jesus make a difference when you face a crisis?
  15. Definition of Joy:  Focus on generosity of God that expresses itself through gratitude and praise even in a season of pain and disappointment .
  16. We focus on the bad stuff when bad happens to us.  Verses 16, 31-32.
  17. Where is my focus today.
  18. Could a closed door lead to an open door?
  19. Where is my focus?
  20. I need to look for the open door in my life.