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Pastor Jeff Manion of Ada Bible Church gives his definition of "joy"


Worship at Ada Bible.
One of the worship songs tonight makes the point.



On the way home from church tonight, my wife and I talked about the meaning of joy and whether we have it in our lives.  I'm happy, but do I have joy.  I usually think of joy as being so happy that you want to dance down the middle of the road smiling big, waving your arms and skipping.

Pastor Jeff Manion at Ada started a series of sermons about "Choosing Joy Under Pressure."  These come at a time when the world seems to be tottering of the edge.  The world is watching a monster hurricane in Florida.  Last week, it was Texas.  There's uncertainty with North Korea and Washington, D.C.

We did take notes and we both feel motivated to study the Bible book it is based on Philippians, written by the Apostle Paul while he was in prison.  First, what's the definition of joy?  Manion gave this definition:

It's a focus on the generosity of God that expresses itself through gratitude and praise even in a season of pain and deep disappointment.

I'll be meditating on this and the rest of the sermon this week.


Pastor Jeff Manion
Pastor Jeff Manion of Ada Bible talks about "joy" as seen on one of the video monitors.