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Are grandparents running Michigan and the rest of the country?



Is Michigan government being run by grandparents?
Are grandparents calling the shots in Michigan government, forgetting millennials ?


Check out this Beme News video.  It's part of a news delivery experiment by CNN and Casey Neistat, a major YouTube content maker.  

The video screed about how Michigan government and most others are run by people of grandparent age. Millennials are saying that their interests are not being represented by grandma and grandpa.  

In the video piece, Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones touts that he's the youngest legislator in state history.  He fails to mention that former Gov. John Engler was elected to the Michigan House when he was 22.  Russell Strange was about the same age and so was George Cushingberry.

Do millennials have the life maturity and experience to do the job?  Does the job take more than fire and enthusiasm?  

Watch the video and leave your opinion.