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Nine years ago today I was "Father Of The Bride" to my little pumpkin

How many pumpkins can you carry in your two outstretched arms?

Adam Jones carries pumpkins
My son-in-law Adam Jones carries pumpkins at Country Mill in Charlotte, Michigan

As you drink your pumpkin spiced latte this morning, think about the pumpkin, one of the biggest fruits on the planet.  Then think about how many you could carry between your outstretched arms.

My son-in-law Adam Jones tried that Saturday at the Country Mill in Charlotte, Michigan where they held a pumpkin carrying competition.  On a beautiful warm weekend day, he carried ten.  My daughter Krista carefully laid them on his outstretched arms with the biggest on the bottom.  He had to carry them 10 feet.

It was an armful and he got to keep what he carried.  Entry fee was $12.  How much do pumpkins cost in the store?  I don't know.  But, I'm sure that his kids will get $12 worth of pleasure making jack-o-laterns and sifting for seeds.

Here's a video of the carry: