How many pumpkins can you carry in your two outstretched arms?
Getting familiar with the new scanner on iOS11 on my iPhone

Nine years ago today I was "Father Of The Bride" to my little pumpkin

Krista and Adam's wedding.
I'm the guy with the bald head facing the pastor. What an occasion.


I remember when my daughter Krista called me while I was at Sam's Club and her saying, "You're really going to like this guy."  And I remember thinking "o-kaaay."  She was right big time.  

Today she and her husband Adam Jones celebrate their ninth  anniversary.  Being part of their lives as parents and grandparents to their three kids has been a big time joy.  They are high quality people and who with the synergism coming from being married only magnifies that.

As I age and as my memory of some events gets fuzzy, I hope I never forget the day I walked her down the aisle.  It's in the top tier of life events for me.  If there are any dads holding back on taking that walk, I hope they just hold their breath and do it.

At their wedding rehearsal and when it was our turn to practice walking down the aisle, I remember that the tears were sandbagged behind my eyes.  My face may have not shown it, but I was really happy.  It seemed like a video kept playing in my head starting with when she was born.  Now it's a DVD with remembrances of their kids being born and all the other scenes that come with being part of a family.

Her husband Adam has become a close friend.  I value our relationship.

I hope that they can celebrate today and the rest of the week.  Their kids are blessed to have such great parents.

Maybe it's the season, but I forgot that I called her "pumpkin" for many years.  Today, she's my pumpkin again.