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Reading our pastor's blog post about questions to ask before listening to a sermon

Pastor Marvin Williams Blog
Pastor Williams of Trinity Lansing has a blog that seems pretty relevant

Tonight our church--Trinity Lansing--starts a new sermon series on prayer.  We've heard that it will be built off of the Lord's Prayer.  I'm excited to hear how Pastor Marvin Pastor Williams presents the whole category of talking with God.

It's an area where I feel very immature experience wise.  The denomination I came from, of course, encouraged prayer.  But, it seemed that the only people who really prayed were the pastors during a church service and maybe some elders.

Since then I've learned that it's just talking to God in my own words and listening for his response.

That's what got my attention when I read Pastor Williams' blog post on "8 Questions to Ask Before We Listen to a Sermon."

I read the post twice and I can't recite what he wrote.  But it seems to center around preparing my heart to listen to and respond to what is taught.

What do you do before you listen to a sermon?  What if it's boring?  Suffer through it?