Are you obsessing over the goodness of God this Thanksgiving?
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I agree with Zeek Braverman that family is everything


A picture of my family.
We started with the two of us in 1981. This is our family now at the end of 2017.

 In my head I'm hearing Matt Redmond sing about the "10,000 Reasons" to thank and praise God.  And when that one stops I'm hearing David Crowder sing his "I am" song about the one of who gave me my family.

Our house has been filled with family all week, first our son Justin, his wife Lauren and their two kids and then our daughter Krista and her husband Adam and their three kids.  Last night all them stayed at our condo.  It was bliss for this 71-year-old guy who was raised as an only child and who had absolutely no experience with siblings or small kids until my wife, Gladys got married.

I praise God for each and everyone of them.  As the patriarch of the clan, I've come to appreciate each of them as individuals and to see their enthusiasm for life and for each other.  During and after meals I enjoyed just sitting back and taking in the conversations and the hub bub with the kids.  I'm actually part of two families, my own and the family of God.

One of my favorite television shows was Parenthood where the main character Zeek Braverman would sit back during family get-togethers and say to one of his grandkids, "Family is everything."  I agree with Zeek.