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Casey Neistat's Beme News seems to be going down the tubes

I've been a real Casey Neistat fan for some time.  I have faithfully watched his vlogs almost from his number 1.  He developed a unique approach to telling a story in video.  Through his vlogs, I feel like I know him and his family.  He has lots of imitators.

In the past year, CNN bought an app from him called Beme which was quickly discontinued.  However, he was supposed to start a Beme newscast that would appeal to millennials .  The first five or six while it was under development were interesting.  He had my attention.

Now, it seems like there's more entertainment than news reporting.  The Beme reporting on the hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico were immersive and made you feel for what people were experiencing.

Right this minute, one of his "anchors" for the newscast is reading the whole tax bill that was just passed in Congress.  That will take hours.  We get the point about the legislation.

Casey, if you're still doing this, inform your viewers with the truth as you see it.  But be sure that you tell the "who, what, when, where, how, why and so what."  I'm not seeing this.  You're not making the younger generation more informed.  You just supplying video that's somewhat interesting.