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Meet two of my uncles--Wes Moll and Ernie Moll--and their friend Adolph Hanke taken in 1930

My Uncle Ernie on the left and Uncle Wes on the right.

As I continue to go through my late mother's collection of photographs from her early life in the 20's to 40s, I came across this one of my two uncles, Ernie Moll on the left and Wes Moll on the right with Adolph Hanke in the middle.   It was taken in the Thumb of Michigan in 1930.

I am a namesake of my Uncle Wes having been born on his birthday in 1946.  He settled with his wife Bertha and two daughters in Bay City, Michigan where he was a Gulf gas station operator for many years.  When he retired from that he started making children's toys from wood.

My Uncle Ernie worked at Shovel's in Bay City until he had a heart attack at an early age.  

Both were amazing men who grew-up under circumstances that deserve to be shared on a television drama.