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We had pomegranate on our salad last night and I loved it


Pomegranate seeds
These red pomegranate seed taste incredible



When my wife and I shop at Meijers in the little town of Mason, we always see pomegranates in the produce section and I've pretty much ignored them.  They were never part of my experiential base when it came to eating.

I had them once when our son Justin prepared Thanksgiving dinner at his apartment in Washington, D.C. I didn't remember their great taste.

Then last night my wife put them on our salads for supper.  Wow.  They added a pop and a sweetness to the greens that made it fun to eat.  Then I had them with the Bran Buds that I had for breakfast.  The blandness of the cereal was muted with these tasty morsels.

I need to go to Pinterest to find out how others use them.