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Meet two of my uncles--Wes Moll and Ernie Moll--and their friend Adolph Hanke taken in 1930

What if Presidents Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea had a dance off?

This past year it has been hard to ignore the trash-talking that's been happening between Presidents Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un.  It's hard to ignore when the consequences of their verbal recklessness could result in nuclear missiles being tossed back and forth.  

What if we tried a different approach like a dance off?  Would they be able to set aside their egos for an hour and dance to Lionel Ritchie's great hits?  Would they be smiling when the music stopped?  One round could happen here in this country and the other could happen in North Korea.  You can't fight when you're dancing.

Check this video from the Charlotte airport of a woman who got stranded overnight in the terminal.  Her anger at her airline melted when she started to dance and look at the reaction of those who joined her.