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Our new gas station in Holt, Michigan, opened while we were visiting relatives

After being way for three days, we had to smile big when we saw these faces


It was about 10 below zero when we pulled in our garage after visiting relatives in the Chicago-area for a few days.  We had gone there via Amtrak train and left late yesterday afternoon for home.  It was a comfortable ride through southwest Michigan to the central part of the state.  But it was cold, real cold.  

Our Honda Civic which had been parked in an outdoor lot started like a charm.  Then there was the ride home a few miles over crunchy snow that reeked of frozenness.  We pulled into our small garage, got our stuff out of the trunk and with tired eyes unlocked the door.  And we saw this calendar made from grandkid pictures.  For January, this is the picture that got our first glance.

The smile it produced set the tone for the rest of our New Year's Eve.  These are two of our five grandkids with different pictures of them for each month.  

Thank-you to our daughter Krista for making this special Christmas gift.  It's a heart-warmer.