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Was it the voice of God that I heard this morning while sitting on our couch?

I need to ask President Trump if The Pentagon Papers are "fake news"


My copy of the Pentagon Papers
This is my copy of the Pentagon Papers purchased for $2.25 in 1971.



This morning was the first time in our thirty-six years of marriage that my wife and I went to a movie on Sunday morning.  We saw "The Post" with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, a story about how the Washington Post dealt with a federal government and President Richard Nixon who knew that the Vietnam War was unwinnable for our country.

The fight was over the so-called Pentagon Papers a government-commissioned study of the situation back then in Vietnam and a chronology of how we got involved.  The overwhelming evidence showed that the President Lyndon Johnson and the Pentagon knew that we had lost the war which cost us more than 50,000 men.

The struggle was over the Washington Post's efforts to public these documents so citizens would know the truth about what was really happening.  The case ultimately went to the U.S. Supreme Court which declared the newspaper's efforts to be constitutional.

The movie laid out the tension that existed between the federal efforts to squash the publication of the papers and the Post's efforts to publish them. The rights of the governed won over the rights of the government.

These days news media is held in the lowest esteem by President Trump, most Republicans and other Tea Party types.  They put the news media on the same level as drug dealers.

I wonder what Trump would say about the Pentagon Papers.  Would he say they are "fake news?"  Would he believe the people had a right to see them and to learn how the federal government was lying?  

It's worth seeing and talking about.