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Have you had your iPhone battery replaced yet at the Apple store for $29?

My Amazon Echo Dot reads Kindle books to me


When we were in our usual couch spots this morning and catching up with the news on our devices, my wife Gladys pointed out to me that our Amazon Echo can read Kindle books to us.  

I have 50 or more Kindle books covering a wide-variety of genres and topics and I have a serious case of glaucoma which can make reading at certain points of the day very challenging.

A few minutes ago, I tried it and it works.  The only thing I haven't figured out is how to direct the Echo to rewind to the beginning or to a specific chapter.

This is great for grandkids too.  Now they can have a book read to them.  Amazon's Kindle books for kids are plentiful. 

Before the day is over today, I will experiment with this more.