Was it the voice of God that I heard this morning while sitting on our couch?
The best part of seeing the Harlem Globetrotters play at MSU was the walk back to the car

Would I want my grandsons to go to Michigan State University?


My MSU graduation day.
A picture from my graduation day at MSU in 1969. I'm on the right.

 My enthusiasm for Michigan State University started at a young age.  My interest was piqued in the early sixties when my aunt who lived in Okemos had a friend who worked at the school's daily newspaper, the State News, as an assistant to Louis Berman, its advisor.  This friend encouraged my interest in journalism and the School of Journalism at MSU.  I was hooked by East Lansing and I knew I wanted to go to school there.

Fasst forward to Friday night when my seven-year-old grandson comes to watch the Harlem Globetrotters play at the Breslin.  I got really good seats which we will fill after eating supper on campus.  In the past, part of my "bleeding green" would focus on showing him stuff to plant a seed for attending there when the time comes.

I've had to rethink that after watching how the university responded to the Dr. Larry Nasser case where he molested more than 150 girls and young women who he treated during their gymnastics career.

At best, the university responded defensively giving the appearance that they knew nothing and that they have no responsibility.  They have dodged and weaved as facts about their knowledge of the case started to dribble out.  They still take less than minimal responsibility.  

Do I want my grandson to think about becoming a Spartan when the time comes?  I'd probably encourage him to think about going one one of the Wesleyan colleges that his parents attended or to one of the Concordias that my wife attended.

My Spartan pride is waning.  But we will have fun watching the Globetrotters play on Friday.