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Few men have impressed me as much as Billy Graham

My mother was sure to turn our little black and white television on when one of Billy Graham's was being televised.  Everything would stop for the next hour as the evangelist would share the hope given by Jesus through his death and resurrection.

At the end of the broadcast, there would always be the mass choir singing "Just As I Am Without One Plea."  The words of that song never left me from the time I was seven or eight years old to now when I'm 71.

When I heard on CNN this morning that he died overnight at age 99, I felt the need to stop and listen and to reflect on what his ministry meant in my life.

His whole life was centered on promoting Jesus and the Gospel where the promise of heaven is made for everyone.  Unlike his son Franklin, he was not involved in political parties or causes.  Simply put, he just wanted everybody to know the same hope he knew.

He was a "love reflector."  He was just sharing what he had been given.

I'm anxious to see his headstone.  Many years ago, Billy Graham emphasized that he wanted just two words on his gravestone--"Saved Sinner."  I get it.  That's all I want on mine. 

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