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Our topic: Have you ever been disappointed by God?

My friend Ken
My friend Ken and I are reading and talking about Yancey's Disappointment With God

If you sat down on your couch with a coffee, you could probably develop quickly a list of items where God seemed to ignore your well-being.  Right?  Maybe it's a health issue for you or a loved one.  A lost job resulting in bills that can't be paid.  A child that is really sick or perhaps is a prodigal.

What about it?  Why do all these bad things happen to good people?  My friend Ken and I have spent more than six months talking each week over the phone about one chapter in Philip Yancey's book "Disappointment With God."

We are on Chapter 23 where Yancey is getting into what happened to Job in the Bible's Old Testament.  Job was part of a wager between Satan and God.  The devil said that Job would remain faithful to God during a time of testing because God provided a protective hedge.  Take the hedge away.  Will Job turn on God?

Why did God allow this to happen to Job?  Why did God allow more than 250 girls and young women to be molested by a  doctor in central Michigan who treated gymnasts through Michigan State University?  

I've not seen any pat answers to those questions.  Perhaps God will open our hearts and lead us to some answers as we continue with the book and with Job.  Our once-a-week call is in an hour.  

Disappointment With God
The Philip Yancey book that my friend Ken and I are reading.