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The best part of seeing the Harlem Globetrotters play at MSU was the walk back to the car


 So, what'd I think of the Harlem Globetrotters who played at Michigan State University on Friday night?  It was better than I remembered from watching them back in my hometown of Bay City more than sixty years ago.  Amazing basketball skills mixed with a real skills as entertainers.  They had personality plus, tumbling skills, amazing ball handling skills and a sense for engaging their audience to the max.

My seven-year-old grandson Xavier loved it.  It started with a pizza at the Student Union.  Then my grandson, his dad and I walked to the Breslin Center.  Because of a Groupon deal, the seats were discounted and in the second row underneath one of the baskets.  You could hear the players talking to each other.

Xavier had a smile that could have been picked up on radar and his excitement seemed to make him vibrate.  Mix that with some nachos with cheese and you had one happy boy.

But, the payoff for me was on the walk back to the car from the Breslin to the parking lot at the International Center about a mile away.  It was really cold and dark outside.  His excitement was still overflowing and he said about four times that he loved doing stuff with me and his dad.  That will go down in my mental memory book.

As his maternal grandfather, this made me really feel proud.  I'm still smiling after a fun night.  There are lots of grandfathers out there with grandsons who are looking forward to doing something special.  One word reply:  Look up "Groupon" and you'll find something.  

Next time, how about sky diving?  Maybe when it's warmer.