How do you prepare to lose your eyesight?
Add me to the list of baby-boomers with cornea problems

I wish our church--Trinity-Lansing--had "Awaken Me" t-shirts, in addition to coffee mugs


A very special coffee mug from my church, Trinity-Lansing
This coffee mug highlights my personal prayer everyday to God and Jesus.


Do you have a favorite coffee mug?  Mine can change depending on my mood.

My wife and I were given mugs from our church that hold a healthy cup of coffee, but more important is the message on it.  There's the church logo and then two words "Awaken Me."  I've been praying more lately for a variety of reasons.  But, I know that my constant prayer has to be asking God to "Awaken Me."  

As we close in on another celebration of Easter when he rose from the dead and gave us hope as this world develops more and more stink from sin, I know that there's hope.  There's our seen world and an unseen world.  The real one, I believe, is the one we don't see.  There will be life after we die.  It all because of what Jesus did on Easter.

I can sip on coffee all day.  And this is the mug I'll use this week if not longer.