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What's the biggest jigsaw puzzle you ever put together?


We love putting together jig saw puzzles around our house.  Actually, my wife does, as well as my daughter and my oldest granddaughter.  I hear that my three-year-old grandson in St. Louis does too.

As a Valentine's gift, I carefully shopped for puzzles at America's store--Amazon-- and bought my wife a thousand piecer.  It took her two weeks of work where she spent an hour here and there.  She was challenged and kept at it.  It reminded me of how much of a problem-solver she is and how good she is at it.

Going back to Amazon's puzzle shop, I bought here a five hundred piecer that's in a circles.  The pieces are small. 

How many of you do jigsaw puzzles?  Does it keep your mind fresh?  How about your kids and grandkids?  Do they like doing puzzles?