With my fuzzy vision, my wife and I went to church--Trinity-Lansing--last night
As my vision worsens, here's an update on my cornea transplant at the U-M in Ann Arbor

My journey to keep my vision takes another step with a DSEK at the U-M in Ann Arbor

My education about the amazing architecture of the human eye continues with a cornea transplant in my right eye on May 21 at the U-M in Ann Arbor by Dr. Bradford Tannen.  He will do a DESEK.  If I understand correctly, the surgeon uses only one layer of the cornea which allows it to be grafted onto my eye.  This avoids stitches meaning a much shorter recovery time.

Throughout my 18 year experience with eye surgery--10 of them--I've always taken the cornea for granted.  I never dwelled on the important role that it plays in vision.  When mine in my right eye started to swell, I noticed the difference right away.  My visual impairment was very noticeable and it happened quickly.

I found on YouTube this video explaining the procedure.  I totally realize that efforts to keep my vision has become a journey.  This is one more stop on the road of that effort.