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At eight days U-M ophthalmologist says my cornea transplant is fully-attached


Post-op exam at U-M.
See my wife Gladys sitting in the corner next to the computer monitor during second post-op exam after my cornea transplant eight days ago.



We celebrated after my second post-op exam today by going to Grand Traverse Pie Company near the U-M medical annex on the west side of Ann Arbor.  My cornea surgeon, Dr. Bradford Tannen, said the cornea transplant in my right eye was fully attached with no signs of problems.  Now it's up to the healing process.

Before the surgery, my vision was filled with fuzziness.  It was like watching a television with a lot of static from a cheap set of rabbit ears.  For more than a month, I was getting increasingly frustrated by the prospects of permanently impaired vision.  Now the fuzziness is gone completely.  

It's a waiting game to see how much the detailed part of my vision improves.  I feel optimistic.  I'm also very grateful for everybody who prayed for me during this whole process.