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How important is it to a boy to know that their dads love them?

Father and sons photos.
My son (right) and my son-in-law (left) with their sons.

I just about crapped my pants when I saw a picture of a dad holding his baby son.  The father and son images were part of a group of people in the shot taken more than 70 years ago.  Everybody was having fun at a picnic.  To check the father and son part of the image, I turned on the magnifier on my iPhone and could identify my dad holding me when I was a baby.  I had to be less than a year old.

Why do I mention this?  I want to celebrate my son and his son and my son-in-law and his sons.  Their sons will never wonder about the love of their fathers for them.  This in my opinion is key to the growth of a man.  

During the time when I was still trying to connect all the wires with my son-in-law, they emailed a picture of him walking around a track with his barely old enough to walk son's finger in one hand and a basketball in the other.  The look on my oldest grandson's face told it all.  He was proud of his dad and he knew that he was loved by him.

My son is the same way.  His son knows that his dad loves him.  He has no doubt.  My son is a hands-on dad.  He and his son enjoy each other.  The dividends will be paid out down the road.

How many guys never knew if their dad really loved them?  A lot, I'm sure.  As a man that makes you doubt yourself and you wonder about your worth.  Relationships are harder and less close.  

Everyday, I thank God that my son and son-in-law love their boys beyond all measure.  And they love their daughters in a way that they fully-know that they are the apple of their dad's eye.

Me and my dad picture.
A picture of my less than year old self draped over my dad's shoulder.