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I think the Detroit Free Press is right about picking Whitmer and Calley for the governor's race in Michigan


Check out today's Detroit Free Press editorial for its endorsements for governor in our state. Read it slowly and soak in what it has to say about the level of political ineptitude in Michigan.

Is it a bad thing to be a professional politician?  Does that help or hurt the operation of our government?   

The editorial states:

"Politics isn't just a lost art in Michigan; it's an under-valued skill.

The worst thing any candidate for public office can be called is a professional politician. Admitting that one has made a career of running for elective office is only slightly less embarrassing than revealing a history of felony convictions. Both confessions suggest a life devoted to unsavory pursuits."

Think about what it takes to get one more than half to agree on anything.  You have to have a vision.  You have to be able to communicate that vision and you have to be able to convince people.

Many people say the word politician with the same kind of tone that would be used for pimp or dope dealer or drug lord.  

Free Press says Whitmer and Calley have the skills and the experience.  They know more than how to find the bathrooms in the State Capitol building.