Was my wife singing loudly in the ophthalmologist's office or just really tired
Antidote to "Too Much Trump" is going to see Mama Mia II--Here We Go Again

My vision report: My new cornea has a scratch which has really affected my vision and it hurts

Selfie with my scratched cornea
New cornea is in my right eye which is on the left in this selfie

I have no idea about how my new cornea is my right eye got scratched, but it did.  I followed instructions about no more cage fighting or hiking in dense woods with lots of low-hanging branches.  Somehow, it happened.

It has reintroduced me to white knuckling my way through concern and worry about the future of my vision.  Right now, it is impaired and my troubled eye can really hurt.

My ophthalmological team has weighed in and they seem to be optimistic about getting the cornea back to health without worsening my glaucoma or my chronic dry eye.  

Right now, I'm praying a lot more and that's good.  I know that the strength to cope with this won't come from me, so I need every bit of strength God can give me.  I'm also much more conscious of what I see around me and of the things I see in my visual memory.  

By the way,  Gladys and I have a new grandchild on the way.  Our daughter is pregnant and I want to see "Izzie" or "Bubba" when he or she is born in March.  There are Bible verses I want to memorize yet and there are some places I still would like to see.

God willing my vision will allow that.

My eye journey is not over yet.