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Getting ready for a visit from four of our grandkids


We were in the middle of his driveway on a mountainside in western Bosnia when we tried out our diet Coke and Mentos rocket.  My then five year-old grandson and I wanted to see how high we could make the pop go.  It exploded and up to the second level of their house.  That was fun.  He enjoyed it and so did I.

This weekend, he and his siblings--one is pre-born--are coming to our house for a hot air balloon festival just down the road from us in Holt.  No balloon rides this time.  But, I'm searching for things to do with a now eight-year-old with an inquisitive mind.  

I have a paperback book filled with science experiments for his age group.  There are some possibilities.  I've looked at personal drones.  Most have a price tag that would rival a good used car and, I think, you need a permit to use them.

What still has the interest of him and his five-year-old sister is making K-cups.  Even though the temperature is still hot, they like making their own hot chocolate from a Keurig cup.  

There's always skydiving.  That will probably have to wait til he's older.

What do you do with your grandkids?