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Our almost ten year old Honda Civic got 42 miles to the gallon on our road trip to St. Louis

Our Honda Civic
It has a few nicks and scratches on it, but our Honda Civic is still running like the day we got it.


Buying our Honda Civic almost ten years ago from Capital Honda in Okemos was probably one of the best post retirement purchasing decisions we've made.  On our recent road trip to visit two of our grandkids in St. Louis, Missouri, we got 42 miles to the gallon.  I need to be clear that we didn't do anything special to get that mileage.  There's no magic mileage potions that we put in the gas tank, no special adjustments or parts that we added.  

From the time we purchased it, we've never missed an oil change and we've followed pretty closely to the suggested maintenance.  It's never not started or left us stranded.  It's never been towed.  I'm happy to say that it just keeps on running.

Our 37-year-old son in law has a Honda that he got in college.  It's odometer has rolled over at least three times.  Can we do that with ours?  I'm counting on it.