Our almost ten year old Honda Civic got 42 miles to the gallon on our road trip to St. Louis
Getting ready for a visit from four of our grandkids

There's a possible new piece to my adventure with my right eye

Dr. El checks the angiogram of my right eye.
Checking on my vision with Dr. El at LO Eyecare in Lansing.

It's happened before while driving in the car where I can be focusing on what's ahead and my vision momentarily fuzzes out on me.  When we drove to St. Louis two weeks ago to visit our son and family I noticed it big time.  The fuzz would disappear whenever I moved my head.  To be extra careful, Gladys drove most of the way there and all the way back home.

I described this to my glaucoma surgeon during a regularly scheduled appointment when we returned.  She suggested that I get my retina checked by our practice's specialist, Dr. El.  Retina was fine, but he suggested that I get my carotid artery check for a blockage that potentially could interfere with my vision.

This follows my cornea transplant almost three months ago at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

How do I feel about this?

Scared!  A little.  And grateful, all at the same time.  If I do have a plaque buildup in this artery that runs from the neck to my head and supplies blood to my eyes and optic nerve, a piece could break-off and I could crossover into stroke land.

Next steps are doppler like tests that take images of the carotid artery.  

This week I read the story about Jesus walking on the water and how Peter stepped out of the boat to go to Jesus.  He got distracted by the waves.  He hollered out to Jesus to save him.  If you hear loud shouts coming from my way, it's me calling for His help.  

I just don't want to get distracted to the point where I take my eyes off him.